RESILIENTWOOD: Designing an attractive working environment in the Woodworking Industries

The Woodworking European Social partners, CEI-Bois and EFBWW have the pleasure to announce the launch of the European Union funded joint project RESILIENTWOOD (Grant Agreement n° 101051974). The project, funded under the Social Prerogative and Specific Competencies Lines (SOCPL) officially started on the 14 of September 2022 with the first kick off meeting in Brussels.

This CEI-Bois led project relies on a strong consortium composed by EFBWW (The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers), FCBA (Institute of Technology Forêt, cellulose, bois-construction, ameublement) and Woodwize (Belgian paritary training center for wood and furniture) and the support of the following affiliated members: EOS (European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry), the Croatian Wood Cluster, FILCA-CISL (Federazione Italiana Lavoratori Costruzioni e Affini) and GS (the Swedish Union of Forestry, wood and graphical workers).

On occasion of the first meeting, the project representatives met to discuss the implementation of RESILIENTWOOD and the next steps in delivering the main objectives, namely:

  • Providing social partners with an overview of the latest developments of the woodworking sector in Europe, including the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and current energy crisis, as well as expected technological and organisational changes within woodworking companies.
  • Stimulating the joint social partners’ discussion on 4 specific issues through dedicated workshops (Adaptation of the industry and outlook after the Covid-19 pandemic and crisis, gender equality in the industry, expected technological changes in the industry and adaptation needs, increasing the attractiveness of the sector through education).
  • Developing recommendations and guidelines for companies, VET and public authorities to overcome the above-mentioned challenges, to be presented in the final report and final conference of the project.
  • Disseminating results within and outside the membership base of the European social partners of the woodworking sector in order to promote and strengthen social dialogue in the woodworking sector and suggest pathways and tools for the modernisation of the industry, mostly composed of SMEs.

The consortium partners also publicly presented the RESILIENTWOOD logo and the dedicated project webpage. Visit regularly the webpage to stay updated on the project evolution!